For those of you who want to dig deeper into this issue here are some of the most influential articles and media reports that you may want to read.

Source Headline Date Link
The Asia-Pacific Journal Japan Focus Confucius Institutes: Academic Malware 2014-11-17
The Diplomat Confucius Institutes: Hardly a Threat to Academic Freedoms 2014-03-27
The Nation China U.: Confucius Institutes censor political discussions and restrain the free exchange of ideas. Why, then, do American universities sponsor them? 2013-10-30
The Canadian Security and Intelligence Service The Security Dimensions Of An Influential China Chapter 18: Confucius Institutes: Distinguishing the Political from the Cultural 2013-09-02
CBC Local Chinese school visited by CSIS, director says 2014-09-08
Time Higher Education West’s universities reconsider China-funded Confucius Institutes 2013-04-04
Bloomberg Business Week China Says No Talking Tibet as Confucius Funds U.S. Universities 2011-11-01
US Congressional Hearing Testimony Confucius Institutes: Trojan Horses with Chinese Characteristics 2012-03-28
The Telegraph Confucius centres welcome, with rider 2013-07-25
Inside Higher Ed Confucius Says... 2012-01-04
The Economist A message from Confucius: New ways of projecting soft power 2009-10-22
Epoch Times Confucius Institutes: Getting Schooled by Beijing 2010-07-15
Canadian Press Confucius part of Chinese bid to win over western hearts: CSIS 2007-05-29
Vancouver Sun Has BCIT sold out to Chinese propaganda? 2008-04-02
Globe and Mail Editorial Confucius Institute good exercise in soft power for China 2012-06-20
Globe and Mail Editorial There’s no room for Beijing in Canada’s schools 2014-10-02
Source: Globe and Mail Editorial
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